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    Comunicarea Nonviolenta Marshall Rosenberg Pdf

    لیست کتاب های Marshall Rosenberg را ببینید و آن ها را بصورت فایل الکترونیکی بصورت Being Me, Loving You: A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships. Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD, PDF Comunicarea Nonviolenta. نتایج جستجو. برای Marshall Rosenberg، صفحه ۱ از ۱ در بین ۱۳ کتاب. PDF Comunicarea Nonviolenta. Marshall irtrimuzcomcomp.tkerg. EPUB. The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is a global nonprofit organization founded by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. We are dedicated to sharing .

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    The essence of NVC is in our awareness of these four components, not in the words that are exchanged. Rosenberg, NVC encourages us to look out for what other people observe, feel, need and request, instead of interpreting their words as attacks, criticisms, judgments or demands. Empathy is a respectful understanding of others. The listening of understanding is another thing. The listening of the spirit is not limited to any faculty, whether ears or mind.

    It requires all the faculties to be empty. When the faculties are empty, the whole being is listening. You can then grasp what is directly in front of you, which cannot be heard with the ears or understood with the mind. It requires a reaction that cannot be prepared in advance.

    It asks for presence, responsibility: it asks for yourself. The quality of this presence allows us to distinguish empathy from intellectual comprehension and from sympathy. Though NVC, besides the words that people use, we listen for their observations, their feelings, their needs and what they request in order to enrich their lives.

    Rosenberg says that in order to give empathy we need empathy. Rosenberg, The Nonviolent Communication model Express myself honestly without Receiving yourself empathically blaming or criticizing without hearing blame or criticism 1. The concrete actions that I observe 1.

    How I feel with regard to these actions: 2. The life energy in the form of needs, 3. The concrete actions that I would like 4. Rosenberg Through this short introduction, I hope I have managed to give you a taste for the extraordinary potential of this Communication Model, especially in relation to its relevance for the educational field.

    The aim of this project was to improve the relationships among all those involved in the school community, thus creating a more satisfactory climate within the school. This result was to be reached through the Nonviolent Communication model created by Professor Marshall B. Rosenberg, which was to be taught to teachers, students and parents in the Italian, Serbian, Palestinian and Israeli schools involved.

    The Italian school has joined the project much later than those in the other countries, therefore the project has taken place in the course of only one year instead of two as originally planned. Considering the entity of the innovations introduced within the school, a time frame of at least two years would certainly have allowed us to achieve more significant results. The presence of many complex social and relational variables suggests that we are cautious in drawing results from the analysis and that we focus on a qualitative examination of the data, because the topics treated are not easily interpreted in terms of cause-effect relationships.

    The school community provides a complex context where it is very difficult to control all the possible variables involved - this would require a long and complex research work which I am sure will be developed in future. Being aware of these limitations, I have however carried out a statistical-inferential analysis which has led me to achieve some interesting results.

    This research - about the effects of the Nonviolent Communication model of Marshall Rosenberg within the school context - is the first of its kind to be carried out in Italy and, to my knowledge, anywhere else in the world.

    Marshall-Rosenberg - Comunicarea nonviolenta.pdf

    Therefore I have not been able to provide comparisons with other similar experiments. This work, with all its limitations, is a pioneering research and a starting point for future studies. For all these reasons, some methodological tools have been changed during the work and will be changed in future in order to improve the analysis.

    The questionnaire - inclusive of 26 items, Likert scale 5 points - was based on the one used in the other countries, but was slightly modified in order to take into account the local 7 Vilma Costetti Nonviolent Communication Experimental Project in Primary Schools social and educational background. The questionnaire had the same structure and focus for parents and teachers, although the questions were differently put in order to take into consideration their different perspective on the school life.

    And Johnson R.

    These same questions were presented twice, in October and in May Mediators: the conflict mediators were presented three times with two questionnaires during the period November June before, during and after the training in order to check their learning of the model.

    The three groups of mediators whose appointment will be described later were given a specific intensive training in Nonviolent Communication; the purpose was to train some children that could support their schoolmates and their teachers in the learning and in the application of NVC. The school principal and the teachers were also presented with two questionnaires the same ones that were given to the mediators at the end of the project in order to check their understanding of the model.

    The teachers, during the period December June , filled in a monthly report the first week of each month describing the conflicts taking place in the class, their character and their resolution violent or nonviolent. Empirical data is now coming slowly as independent researchers find their own funding to conduct and publish empirical studies with peer review.

    According to a biography of Rosenberg on the Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC website, Nonviolent Communication training evolved from his search for a way to rapidly disseminate peacemaking skills. Allan Rohlfs, who first met Rosenberg in and was a founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, in explained a paucity nlnviolenta academic literature as follows:.

    Nonviolent Communication Even though we rosdnberg mention this, people get seduced by the practice.

    Eleven of these suggested an increase in empathy subsequent to the application of NVC five of these with evidence of statistical significance and two did not. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    CNVC says that NVC emerged from work marshal was doing with civil rights activists in the early s, and that during this period he also mediated nonviklenta rioting students and college administrators, and worked to peacefully desegregate public schools in long-segregated regions.

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