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  4. How to Share Presentations: 5 Apps and Tricks to Publish Slides Online

You'd like to download it from SlideShare to study it in more depth later, learn how to download a SlideShare PPT presentation file as a PDF. Home · Explore · Presentation Courses · PowerPoint Courses; by LinkedIn Learning . Pat the Bunny (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel) PDF · dosolebook Today's Top SlideShares · Blitzscaling: Book Trailer Featured SlideShares. See All PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations. David Diskin.

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You're missing a great networking opportunity. Why not reach out to the slide creator? Tell them you love the slide. Explain why you'd like to have a copy of it. If your infographic is in another format (such as a JPEG), you'll need to convert the file into a PDF. Infographics will be categorized on SlideShare by an aspect. How to Create a Killer SlideShare Presentation in PowerPoint . At this point, you're ready for the final step: uploading your PDF to SlideShare.

Presentations, though, get presented. After all the time you spend making slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation apps, often you only show those slides during a meeting or talk, then save them in case you give that talk again. Slides should get published, too. Venture capitalist Mary Meeker, for example, shares a slide deck of internet trends each year. Your slides can do the same for your business. Here are the best ways to get extra results from your presentation by putting it online. Jump over to our Best Presentation Apps roundup for 13 tools to make a full presentation in minutes, then come back here to learn how to share it.

Like Blitzscaling: Book Trailer SlideShare.

Share Blitzscaling: Featured SlideShares. Jean-Baptiste Dumont. Carol Smith. Like 10 facts about jobs in the future SlideShare.

SlideShare.Net – PowerPoint distribution made easy!

Save 10 facts about jobs in the future SlideShare. Share 10 facts about jobs in the future SlideShare.

Deloitte United States. Like holiday survey: An annual analysis of the peak shopping season SlideShare. Save holiday survey: Share holiday survey: Harry Surden.

Rand Fishkin. Featured Courses from LinkedIn Learning. Designing Better Slides Heather Ackmann. Negotiating Your Salary Valerie Sutton. PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Jess Stratton. Zoho Slides includes a chat panel for audience feedback, and Slidebean has an option to let the audience help control the slides for a multi-presenter presentation. These tools are a great option if you already have a popular blog and want to embed a copy of your presentation in it along with your own presentation notes.

Want to use Microsoft's PowerPoint to build and share your presentation?

How to Share Presentations: 5 Apps and Tricks to Publish Slides Online

Learn everything you need to build and share your next presentation in our PowerPoint Online guide —including tips to sync all of your presentations to PowerPoint Online automatically.

The Social Option: Three Apps to Share Presentations Social presentation tools let you share your slides to a network of people looking for presentations SlideShare pictured Sharing a link to your presentation or embedding it in your site is a great way to let your followers know about your talk.

Want to reach new people? Presentation sharing apps are the better option. Then upload your presentation file to one of these apps, and add a name, description, category, and other details.

You can then share a link to your presentation or embed it on your site, as with online presentation apps. Best of all, your presentation will now be publicly visible online, and should get new visitors through Google and search inside that presentation app.

How to Upload a Slideshow to SlideShare (with Pictures) - wikiHow

That makes your presentation a way to share your ideas with a far wider audience who might not otherwise have found your presentation on your blog.

And you can add presentations to your LinkedIn profile, alongside your job and education history. You can upload a PDF or PowerPoint file to SlideShare, then add a description, category, and tags to help people discover it—along with additional presentation files or YouTube videos if you want. SlideShare will automatically copy the text out of your slides and include them under it to help your presentation show up in search results.

You can also add links to slides, to send viewers to your website.

How to Share Presentations: 5 Apps and Tricks to Publish Slides Online

Google Drive Google Drive is one of the biggest file hosting services every Android and Chromebook user is likely to be familiar with, if not actively using. You can upload all kind of documents from your computer, mobile device or directly from the web, including PowerPoint presentations, and even create new ones. While Google Slides supports some animations and transitions, all the original ones from your PowerPoint will be changed once you upload the. You also lose the embedded audio and video files.

So once you upload a presentation and download it afterwards, it might be completely different due to the change of transitions and animations, and the absence of any embedded media. On mobile devices the presentations lose all these elements.

Dropbox Dropbox offers 2. The limit for one file size is 2. Once uploaded, the slides become completely static.

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