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  1. Techniques for improving the performance of SQL queries under workspaces in the Data Service Layer
  2. Oracle Technical Consultant - EBS/R12 Modules Jobs in Chennai,India
  3. [PDF Download] Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Its all about the Cardinalities
  4. Performance Tuning for Oracle

with the DBA to discover what the source of some performance issue is, about optimization of SQL queries and PL/SQL scripts, however, you .. Note: You can automatically generate documentation (HTML, PDF, CHM. Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide, 11g Release 1 () Generating an AWR Report for a SQL Statement on a Specified Database Instance. Director, Database Manageability, Oracle SQL Tuning Solutions – New Feature Overview Writing efficient queries, troubleshooting performance issues .

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Pl Sql Performance Tuning Pdf

DBA's New Best Friend: Advanced SQL Tuning SQL Tuning Advisor, since Oracle Database 10g . There's a lot more to SQL performance than bad plans!. material is subject to the terms and conditions of your Oracle Software License and Tuning SQL. ▫ Preventing Sub-optimal SQL performance: Symptoms. Database performance is one of the most database operations, and SQL tuning can help .. executed under another user ID is probably SQL and PL/. SQL.

Without proper indexes, SQL queries can cause table scans, which causes either performance or locking problems. It is recommended that all predicate columns be indexed. The exception being where column data has very low cardinality. Avoid using functions in predicates. The index is not used by the database if there is a function on the column. If the function cannot be avoided in the SQL, you need to create a function-based index in Oracle or generated columns in DB2 to improve performance. The predicate causes full table scan. The unnecessary columns places extra loads on the database, which slows down not just the single SQL, but the whole system. Use inner join, instead of outer join if possible.

Techniques for improving the performance of SQL queries under workspaces in the Data Service Layer

These five steps can be logically thought of as running in sequence — each step starts only after the previous step is completed — although in practice they can be interleaved as long as the final result is not affected.

In many situations, the input data might already be distributed "sharded" among many different servers, in which case step 1 could sometimes be greatly simplified by assigning Map servers that would process the locally present input data. Similarly, step 3 could sometimes be sped up by assigning Reduce processors that are as close as possible to the Map-generated data they need to process.

Logical view[ edit ] The Map and Reduce functions of MapReduce are both defined with respect to data structured in key, value pairs. This produces a list of pairs keyed by k2 for each call. After that, the MapReduce framework collects all pairs with the same key k2 from all lists and groups them together, creating one group for each key. The returns of all calls are collected as the desired result list.

Thus the MapReduce framework transforms a list of key, value pairs into a list of values. This behavior is different from the typical functional programming map and reduce combination, which accepts a list of arbitrary values and returns one single value that combines all the values returned by map.

It is necessary but not sufficient to have implementations of the map and reduce abstractions in order to implement MapReduce.

Oracle Technical Consultant - EBS/R12 Modules Jobs in Chennai,India

Distributed implementations of MapReduce require a means of connecting the processes performing the Map and Reduce phases. This may be a distributed file system.

Other options are possible, such as direct streaming from mappers to reducers, or for the mapping processors to serve up their results to reducers that query them. The framework puts together all the pairs with the same key and feeds them to the same call to reduce. Thus, this function just needs to sum all of its input values to find the total appearances of that word. As another example, imagine that for a database of 1.

The Map step would produce 1. When to use SPA?

[PDF Download] Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: Its all about the Cardinalities

Test Production Test System: Safe but… Database Database Production System: Optimal Trial Limits testing scope to Mode. Knows what change is being tested In-line with routine DBA tasks such as statistics gathering.

Find Fix and Validate: Setting to higher values would require higher memory and hence not recommended. SQL Monitor. SQL details.

Performance Tuning for Oracle

Performance Hub. Historical Performance Hub. SQL Details. Use Cases.

SQL performance is sub. New Features and Enhancements DB AWR Warehouse. SQL Tuning.

Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor: Estimated memory size with various compression options — Benefit: Useful for wide tables. Changes join method from Nested Loops to Hash Join, and vice versa, based on cardinality. Changes data distribution method among parallel processes from Hybrid Hash to Broadcast, based on cardinality. When SQL statement is executed with statistics feedback monitoring enabled for the first time. Adaptive Statistics — Automatic Reoptimization In contrast to adaptive plans.

After the first execution.

If the two values vary significantly then the statement is marked for reoptimization and the initial execution performance statistics are stored as feedback to help compute a more appropriate degree of parallelism for subsequent executions. The parallel degree chosen by the optimizer is compared to the parallel degree computed base on the actual performance statistics e.

CPU-time gathered during the initial execution of the statement. References 2 Day DBA: EM Express Active Reports: EM Express Performance Hub: Performance Tuning - Expert Panel.

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