Explore Starling designed by Mike Parker at Adobe Fonts. Starling Book Italic. View family. Activate font Active. downloadd Web only Web only requires. Type Network offers a curated selection of typefaces from quality foundries for use across desktop, web, apps, and more. 1 font family by Starling Burgess by Adobe. 7 font styles from $ Typophiles weave dreams of quoins, kerning and juggling complex beziers. Album ▽.

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    Starling Book Font

    Starling Book Font - What Font Is - Download Starling Book font. for PSO - Patrician!', Sanford Book, Starling Roman, Starling Roman SC, URW Americana Std. Starling Book Font - What Font Is - Download Starling Book font. Designed by Starling Burgess in , Mike Parker in - Published by. The best website for free high-quality Starling Book fonts, with 26 free Starling Book fonts for immediate download, and 13 professional Starling Book fonts for.

    Simon- "Regarding question 2, The Font Bureau corporation is the largest privately owned type foundry in existence" That's nice, but it's not quite true. There are others both larger and privately owned. A, Jasonc, "I'm a little unclear on what downscaling a jpg shows about the effort It's not about hinting, as I would be the last to crit the hinting of Times Roman. It's about the times families, and their technical execution, as asked in the original post. I have not doubt that Monotype and Linotype made the various Times families, and by now, individual styles of those families are more related to that, than to anything anyone else might have designed in the past. Times regular, which is very close in all versions of Times, is the main issue of originality. Here, Mike, I and others were intrigued by two facts.

    A thoughtfully chosen typeface can be the foundation stone that makes a design come together, and give it that cool, contemporary look and feel, while still maintaining clarity and readability.

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    In this article, we look at 20 typefaces that are exciting creatives right now, from our students at Shillington to the wider creative industries, and which look likely to make a big impact in Some are brand new, others established classics, but all of them have the potential to make your design truly sing. Yet at the same time, it's optically corrected, geometric forms seen for example in the acutely sharp angles of the "A", "V", "W" and "Z" offer a very high degree of clarity and legibility.

    GT Haptik is a monolinear geometric grotesque typeface designed by Reto Moser and Tobias Rechsteiner with an intriguing twist: its uppercase letters and numbers are designed to be read blindfolded, just by touching them ie, haptic.

    Designed by Oak Beginning life as an optimisation of Galaxie Copernicus for a Spanish newspaper redesign, Tiempos eventually evolved into a standalone family in its own right. Tiempos Text is perfect for body copy, with its shorter cap-height, ascenders and descenders allowing for tighter line spacing without sacrificing legibility.

    Tiempos Headline allows a great deal of flexibility, to prevent text looking too ungainly at large sizes, while Tiempos Fine, which was designed specifically for National Geographic, offers a refined and elegant cut of Tiempos Headline for extra crispness.

    Designed by Mark Simonson, its style is reminiscent of gothic wood types but more geometric.

    Times New Roman - Wikipedia

    This makes for charmingly different characters that align perfectly, even when used at different sizes. Curated and produced by Lungomare. Source: non-linear.

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    Alright Sans As the colloquial name suggests, Alright Sans is another unpretentious, modern sans-serif that strikes an enticing balance between austere-serious and warm-friendly. With its open structure, shorter-than-normal capitals and large x-height, this versatile font works very well across all kinds of media, in both large and small sizes.

    The file must be downloaded, placed in the same folder as star4win. StarLing has a large integrated Help system, but it is slightly out of date we plan to prepare a special tutorial in the near future , so, in case of questions, please contact us at gstarst rinet. This gives you the benefit of complete control over your data, as well as the advantage of being able to make use of StarLing's rich array of analytical procedures searches, filters, comparisons, comparative-historical treatment, etc.

    Basic download: The StarLing database template is available as a. RAR archive here.

    It contains: a the template database itself 3 files: tmp. II Create the wordlist within a Unicode-based environment that can afterwards be converted into StarLing format.

    Currently, the least problematic of such environments is the table format in MS Word. The payoff is that installation and mastery of StarLing is not necessary you will still need the Starling Serif font, though — see above.

    The drawback is that you will not be able to use StarLing for computer analysis of your data.