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    $0™à§x„iÌ”E Wâ™\»_„iÌ”E xi E ™à _W}. %0\ü——x»——}º™\³€”E hWF\P xix Free Ar Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy. VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and the. PATH of NATURAL ENERGY. Compiled by Riley Hansard Crabb. & Thomas Maxwell Thompson. Revised Edition of. published Living Water which is a popular introduction to Viktor Schauberger, the man and his mission. This lovely little book has since gone through five.

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    Viktor Schauberger Pdf

    Who Was Viktor Schauberger? 2. New Techniques of Water Management. 39 . 3. Schauberger's Teachings on Water. 4. The Life and Death of a Forest. forests, Viktor Schauberger, a forester, observing how a trout could maintain its station in the midst of a turbulent stream, discovered the secret of living water. Author: Schauberger Viktor Title: The Energy Evolution Harnessing free energy from nature Year: Link download.

    Both men got the same fundamental treatment by the power status quo PSQ trying to protect their established science and technology…trying to protect their power. Brilliance of Nikola and Viktor so outshined whatever the PSQ controlled, they were both, ultimately, treated as anathema regarding entrenched profit and control structures. They knew what his plan meant. The PSQ are yet to destroy his genius. The divine principle is always constructive, not destructive. Nature deals in three dimensions.

    Many of his inventions are based on his study of fluidic vortexes.

    Growing up in a family of forest workers led Schauberger to study the physics of the forest. He researched water flow and other natural phenomena.

    Beginning in , Schauberger began patenting inventions based on water engineering. Schauberger built a water turbine to produce hydroelectricity. During World War II, Schauberger was forced by the German SS to continue his research into vortex technology to aid in the design of German planes and even a type of flying saucer the Repulsine. The stress led to his mental breakdown and hospitalization.

    At a time also, when the activities of humanity are increasingly seen to be on a head-on collision course with Nature's processes. An alarming increase in the scope and ferocity of so-called 'natural disasters' is forcing us to realise that the future is no longer secure; that other solutions to those presently proposed must quickly be found to remedy the present state of affairs. In my view, these will be largely ineffective unless Viktor Schauberger's important contributions towards the production of virtually free energy and high quality drinking water - the foundation of healthy life - are not taken into account a priori.

    What we are concerned with here is an inversion of all that has hitherto been held to be true scientifically and technologically. As obvious as it is true that one cannot wash one's clothes in the same water that soiled them, so too can no new ecotechnology be founded on existing 'laws' and dogma, which have so disastrously failed.

    While such new departures in thought are usually referred to as 'revolutions', what is involved here is an 'evolution'. This is no form of repetition, a re-cycling of outworn concepts and processes, but an upward movement to totally new and higher levels not only of perception, but also of application of systems of an entirely new dimension and order. It is a movement away from the ceaseless round, the endless unproductive turning or 'revolution' of the wheel, the chief symbol of our technology and a derivative of the geometrical element of the circle.

    While progress of a sort is made as the wheel turns, the wheel itself does not evolve and always returns upon itself. Having no in-built capacity for change and transformation it effectively contributes nothing to real evolutive progress. Implicit in this evolution towards higher perception and a new modus operandi is the necessity to think an octave higher, as Viktor Schauberger so often expresses it.

    Just how fundamentally we will have to change our way of thinking and acting to achieve this we have yet to discover, although the information contained in this book will provide many of the necessary keys. Once inserted into the lock of evolution, new as yet unimagined vistas will unfold themselves and can become manifest, provided the will and determination are present to enter upon them.

    But what it is that must change to permit this to happen? Basically it is a question of the geometrical system so familiar to us. This is the geometry of Euclid and essentially involves the elements of the straight line, circle and point, all of which are perfect forms and therefore unchanging.

    Another was Prof. Werner He too had had a vision and, through his Zimmermann, a Swiss, who published arti- meticulous study of the movement of the cles by Viktor in his ecologically oriented planets, produced his great work, Harmonices magazine Tau between and Mundi, "The Harmonies of the World". Werner Zimmermann frequently entered the Having finally completed it in , he dedi- lists in Viktor's defence against the narrow- cated it to James I of England, declaring that minded, self-interested attacks of academia now that he had discovered the harmonious and entrenched bureaucracy, which on qualities and proportions of all things, there occasion were very intense.

    More often than would no longer be the need for human con- not Viktor's discoveries totally contradicted flict.

    Kepler's opus had barely been pub- established theory and in their flawless lished when the Thirty Years' War broke out, functioning and practical implementation thoroughly obscuring and interring all his seriously threatened the credibility and endeavours. This happened as a result of the reputation of scientist and bureaucrat so-called 'Defenestration of Prague' in which alike.

    Mozart, who took music, its resonances Without exception they were endowed with and harmonies to new heights, also suffered extraordinary perceptive and intuitive abili- a similar fate - oblivion at the age of 35 and ties, which afforded them fresh insights into burial in a common grave.

    Max Planck, the the way in which the world functioned, great physicist who brought an end to the enabling them to understand phenomena purely materialistic world view of the late hitherto inexplicable to their contemporaries. Viktor Schauberger's life followed a path Some of these great teachers were born similar to those of his illumined predeces- with this ability, while others fought long sors, for in his life too he was met with and hard external and personal battles to derision, slander and deceit in a long con- acquire it, their struggles fraught with frontation with the Establishment in its hardship and ridden with disappointment.

    He was a man of enormous Often assailed by doubt, they nevertheless strength of purpose; he was warm and courageously persevered, urged ever encouraging, particularly to young people in onward to finish the task they had set whom he took a great interest, for he saw in themselves to complete. If ever there was a them the possibility for the restoration of a true exponent of the person described in secure and bountiful future.

    But to those Rudyard Kipling's poem If1, it was Viktor whose view of life he considered irretriev- Schauberger. It is therefore inevitable environment. In the years to come he ance was achieved by a very few en- will be acknowledged as one of the principal 1: Who was Viktor Schauberger? The kind's appreciation of Nature and natural spiritual manifestation of this work is its effect.

    When such work is done properly, it brings There can be very few of his contempo- happiness, but when carried out incorrectly, it raries whose comprehension of the sublime assuredly brings misery.

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    There he was water, which he viewed as the blood of able to perceive movements of energy and Mother-Earth, for like Sir James Lovelock, natural phenomena in Nature's own labora- the originator of the Gaia hypothesis2, Viktor tory, because in Austria in the early part of too saw the whole Earth as an organism and this century, circa , there were expressed this view in his early writings of large tracts of forest still untouched by the s. After the war in Viktor Schauberger was born on June 30th, which he was wounded, Viktor returned to in the parish of Ulrichsberg, in Upper forestry, eventually entering the employ of Austria.

    He was descended from a long line Prince Adolph zu Schaumburg-Lippe, the of foresters, who had devoted their whole owner of a large hunting and forestry lives to the natural management and admin- reserve in Steyrling. With and Viktor was thus able to observe this as his background and much against his events that are today inconceivable, and father's will, but with the support of his which no longer take place because of mother, at the age of 18 he flatly refused to the enormous deterioration of the en- follow in the footsteps of his two elder broth- vironment.

    Download The Energy Evolution: Harnessing Free Energy from Nature (Sc…

    It was here that he acquired ers and attend university, having seen how it the insights into the natural movement had affected his brothers' thinking. Apart of water that resulted in the building of his from his earnest desire to become a forester, first log flume, which will be described in the main reason for his refusal was that he detail in chapter Here too he first became did not wish to have his natural way of aware of other levitational energies inherent thinking corrupted by people he considered in water, for one day in the middle of a very totally alienated to Nature.

    He did not want cold winter, as he was about to cross over a to be forced to see things through other jaun- fast-flowing mountain stream, he flushed a diced eyes, but through his own. For, as he stationary trout from its lair as he sought a later wrote: firm hold for his staff on the stream bed. Its lightning flash upstream immediately The only possible outcome of the purely catego- caused a number of questions to race rizing compart-mentality, thrust upon us at through his mind: school, is the loss of our creativity.

    People are los- How did the trout actually manage to get to this ing their individuality, their ability to see things spot - and later I saw dozens of them in the same as they really are and thereby their connection stream - which was cut off by a 60 metre high with Nature. They are fast approaching a state of waterfall about a kilometre downstream, where equilibrium impossible in Nature, which must the water was atomised into a veil of mist? Therefore the of greased lightning in mockery of all the laws of principles upon which our actions are founded gravity?

    Viktor Schauberger Living Energies With Callum Coats

    As a result of this own body-weight so effortlessly and quickly and investigation, a researcher was born who could at the same time overcome the specific weight of dispatch his consciousness on a voyage of discov- the heavy water flowing against it?

    In this way I was able to experi- Why didn't the water freeze even during peri- ence things that had escaped other people's notice, ods of severe frost with temperatures below because they were unaware that a human being is oC? While Viktor undoubtedly had an especial By practising this blindfolded vision, I eventu- talent for observation, a penetrating ally developed a bond with mysterious Nature, power of perception undimmed by precon- whose essential being I then slowly learnt to ceptions, he also developed what might be perceive and understand.

    I could sit for hours on all that it has seen. At the time I was still and records its observations, can and does leave unaware that in water the greatest secret lay hid- the body and travel great distances, observe detail den. Nor did I know that water was the carrier of at those distances and return, giving to the mind life or the ur-source5 of what we call conscious- as a whole an accurate picture of where it has ness.

    Without any preconceptions, I simply let been and what it has seen. This function occurs my gaze fall on the water as it flowed past.

    It was at the immeasurable will and is preceded by a only years later that I came to realise that run- short, deep meditation. It is a force that can act so powerfully that with considerable problems in translating one temporarily loses one's consciousness and them into everyday language, for when it involuntarily falls asleep.

    Little by little this the limitation of language. While all lan- game turned into a profoundly earnest endeav- guages are in a constant state of evolution or our, because I realised that one could detach one's devolution, the words and terminology at 1: Who was Viktor Schauberger?

    Thus for lives years in the future, the present is no someone who is 'ahead' of his time, gener- surprise. Philipp Forchheimer was asked concepts for which new acceptable words by the Austrian Government to investigate may have to be coined. Viktor's unusual theories. Through their col- n many instances therefore, when he came laboration, Forchheimer gradually became to describe these phenomena, Viktor uses not aware of the truth of Viktor's ideas, eventu- the conventional terminology of physics, ally insisting that Viktor put all his discover- chemistry or biology, etc.

    Forchheimer later con- tates the formation of new concepts through fided that he was delighted to have retired, additive nouns. Despite this and for lack of because he would now be relieved of the suitable technical vocabulary, their interpre- humiliating task of telling his students that tation and comprehension is still sometimes he had been teaching them rubbish for the extremely difficult, which in his writings he previous forty-five years.

    Wilhelm meaning of the above!

    Olof Alexandersson ~ Living Water Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy

    Some individuals, however, Exner, President of the Austrian Academy of will obtain an indefinable inkling. However, in his writings tion to water temperature, was placed under they are often used merely as indicators of seal and on deposit at the Austrian Academy the theme under discussion and therefore of Science on January 1st, This was cannot always be taken literally.

    While stressing its would probably be considered one of the value, Forchheimer considered there to be no world's first 'greenies'; Dr. Richard St. Barbe point in publishing it at the time, because the Baker, founder of 'The Men of the Trees' in hydrological world was not ready. The sci- , and Viktor's friend, being another.

    It wasn't until that this docu- pages.

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